Working with
people for a better world

We've grown exponentially these last couple of years, and with growth comes a greater impact on society and thus an increase in our responsibilities. That’s why we’ve decided to give something back via a carefully selected group of charities that share our values.


"We don’t work for, but with our clients. And just like they put their visions in the hands of our digital experts, we know when to consult influential charities in our quest for a better world."

Niklas, CEO

A select few

Saving the entire world is a tall order for any company - big or small. That’s why we’ve decided to collaborate with charitable organizations that best match our own values.



Why cancerfonden?

With every third person getting cancer, most people have experienced the illness first hand. Bombayworks is no exception, with one of our founders passing away much too soon. Our donation is a way of paying respects to those we’ve lost while hopefully improving the lives of others struggling with cancer.




Why Hand in Hand?

We take pride in taking ownership - in projects and in action - as we believe that is how you get the very best results. Hand in Hand is based around the same idea; by providing financial aid and knowledge they help those in need, so that in the end they can help themselves.




Hello World

We dream of a diverse digital future and equality for all. By supporting a young girl with an interest in programming via Hello World, we believe we can help build digital competence from the ground up, letting everyone - even those less fortunate - take part in the evolution of digital. Who knows, perhaps we’ll join forces some day




Why Unicef?

When entrepreneur Roger Akelius decided to double the record amount of 70 million SEK donated in December 2017, we got inspired. We’re fostering a digital generation after all, and it’s our wish that children everywhere can take part in the evolution of a digital society. We have a fair amount of parents working here at Bombayworks and we believe that caring for our young is a way of caring for the future. Supporting Unicef in their mission to aid children all over the world comes natural to us.




About the long-term projects


Hand in Hand - Help people
help themselves

Hand in hand helps the poor and marginalised by giving them the means to help themselves. A heartwarming cause that we’re eager to support for the long-run.

India - Part of our hertiage

As a company founded in Sweden, Bombayworks saw potential in the people of India early on, hence our name. Today we have an entire staff of skilled colleagues - both men and women - working at our office in Mumbai.

With India being a part of our heritage we’ve decided to give something back. In 2018 we started supporting the village of Bhacharna, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, by the help of Hand in hand. By focusing on the female population we’re hoping to create a sustainable and inclusive community.


Leveraging the impact of
female influencers

Women traditionally have a great impact on society, starting with their families and social networks. Studies show that women tend to invest as much as 90 percent of their salary on their family’s well-being (as opposed to 30-40 percent for men).

Giving women the means to support themselves thus has a great impact on the community as a whole - resulting in improved health, better means of education for the young and happier families. Hand in hand, and Bombayworks, put our trust in female entrepreneurs for a better world.

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day... you probably know the rest. As a company founded by entrepreneurs we believe anyone can work their way from the ground up - with a little motivation.


The people at Hand in hand are firm believers in entrepreneurship as a way of fighting poverty and making improvements to society as it benefits the family, opens up for improved education and a rich, happy society.


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