The hybrid relay

The search for information when deciding on a car purchase is increasingly digital. In our Hybrid relay concept for Toyota, test drivers drove a Toyota hybrid and documented their experience on social media.

Wordpress multi-site

The concept was based on a competition where the test driver who got the most likes and views on their posts won a brand new Toyota hybrid. And for anyone who was considering buying a Toyota, the posts gave an honest representation of how it actually is to drive and own a hybrid.

On the campaign site, one could follow both individual cars, test drivers and see the all the competitors Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and other social media posts. In addition, one could of course read more about Toyota’s hybrid models with price, performance, equipment and so forth.

260 Youtube films with 35,000 views

4,000 people applied to be a test driver and participate in the competition. The 30 selected test drivers produced a total of 260 Youtube films, more than 600 Instagram posts and more than 1,200 posts were made on social media, excluding Facebook. The campaign page got more than 17,000 visits with 90,000 page views. The test drivers' posts received more than 48,000 views, of which the Youtube films represented 35,000.

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