Full stack - From strategy to localisation

Together with Electrolux we are creating and optimising the digital experience across 99 brand sites in Europe. Our engagement at Electrolux is truly full stack - encompassing everything from central digital strategy to rollout and localization across all markets. Our mission is to drive sales for the Electrolux group - both online and offline - through best-in-class UX and campaign activation.

Driving sales - online and offline

Our strategy & UX efforts aim to both delight and convert consumers. We are constantly optimising the functionality of the brand sites in line with e-commerce best practice. We aim drive sales - both online and offline - through Electrolux’s e-tailing and retailing partners. So far our efforts have yielded in triple digit growth in conversion year-on-year.

Campaigns come alive

To us activating campaigns is about more than simple images and copy. It is about making the material come alive - capturing the attention of consumers and serving rich content that aids their appliance choice throughout the purchase journey.

Simplifying ownership

We have worked closely with Electrolux to establish and execute email based marketing automation that helps consumers get the best possible start with their appliance. Beyond onboarding we are actively working to improve the complete post-purchase experience.

The Digital Hub - empowering local markets

The Digital Hub is at the heart of our support organisation that serves all digital managers across Europe. It facilitates communication between the central and local teams and is one-stop-shop for markets regarding everything digital. Markets can raise support tickets, request analytics, browse a large knowledge base of articles and see the current status of feature development and campaigns.

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Digitalising white goods

Bombayworks is Electrolux Group’s main digital partner in Europe. The collaboration has grown into a true partnership. Today we deliver strategy, analysis, UX, design, content, localisation and support services across all brands and markets in Europe.



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