200+ brand sites, harmonised

Norwegian FMCG powerhouse Orkla has close to 200 brands in their global portfolio. In our capacity as main digital partner, we were tasked to meet current and future digital communication demands, establish a common platform and infrastructure for all web presence and aid in creating a governance model for digital presence to maximize synergies and minimize costs in place.

Wordpress multi-site with integrations to Press, PIM & CRM.


In total there were more than 20 platforms and technologies and more than 30 suppliers involved in Orkla’s sites. To ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, security and a common company-wide digital stature we developed the One platform. As of today we are busy re-launching all brand sites on the platform.

The color schemes used for Sonneveld and Ldb on the One Orkla Web Platform

The One platform is designed to enable re-use of functionalities, integrations and knowledge. By consolidating all digital communication to a single platform we also ensure quality across Orkla’s full organisation. The platform uses a common setup for insights, analytics and online marketing activities and ensures quicker time to market for new initiatives. Consisting of a large number of modules – each brand can have its own unique expression but still adhere to Orkla’s digital regulations and policies.

Digitalising a FMCG powerhouse

Bombayworks is Orkla Group’s main global partner in digital endeavours. Starting on a small scale in 2008, the collaboration has over time grown into a partnership. Today we are responsible for delivering strategy, insights, analysis, design, development, content, localization and support services to all group companies, subsidiaries and brands.



200 brand sites, harmonised




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