Barebramat - For Tomorrow’s heroes

Barebramat (BBM) - or Good Food Only - is a tailor made digital service developed by Bombayworks in collaboration with Orkla Foods Norway (OFN), Servicegrossistene and Albatross - whose purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle and diet for children. The service has taken the shape of an inspiring and easily navigated site, made for Norway’s communal as well as private preschools, to make it easier for them to order nutritious, good meals.


A complex solution in a simple packaging

Simple and clear, but complex - that’s what BBM is all about. BBM is a user friendly service aimed towards food distribution at preschools. The concept of an intuitive navigated website has been reached through cooperation between Bombayworks, OFN, Servicegrossistene and Albatross.

– The service has a whole array of functionalities such as menu planning, an overview of budget and orders, nutrition calculations, as well as the opportunity to handle various accounts with different orders to wholesalers.The food is supplied directly to the preschools and may be customized after their specific routines and customs. All this is essential to make it easier for our client, says Caroline Schouenborg, Project Manager at Bombayworks.


Big Users - Tiny consumers

Except for providing nutritious recipes from dietitians, BBM also provides preschools with pedagogical material that teach the children more about the origin of the food, as well as it includes them in the cooking process. There are theme weeks where the recipes in the weekly menu mirror the current theme (i.e. Easter or United Nations Day). The preschool has the possibility to easily have an overview of the current week’s total nutritious content by putting together weekly menus, which they also can share with parents and other relatives in a quick and easy way.


BBM also alleviates the preschool’s financial situation by putting the price on ordered recipes in relation to their budget.


From analog to digital behavior

One of the major challenges that occurs when implementing a new system is to also implement the system in the target group’s daily routines. Bombayworks took the users’ more or less analog buying habits into consideration when building the site.

– We’ve focused on getting preschools to trust that BBM can add value in both knowledge and nutritious recipes for preschoolers, says Caroline Schouenborg.

Another challenge was to reduce complexity on the site through a user friendly interface. Concise CX was the primary focus when designing the service. A natural effect has been both goodwill and customer loyalty in terms of goods and concepts.

One of the perks with having Bombayworks as a partner in this type of project is that, apart from the digital experience and 360 perspective, the immediate access to the right resources. BBM has been designed by strategists, analysts, developers, testers, copywriters and designers. The result is an easily understandable, intuitive site for preschools, which in turn delivers happiness in food for tomorrow’s heroes. That is the very definition of good user experience, and ‘Bare Bra Mat’.


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